Law Office of Scott K. Seelagy, Esq.

Attorney at Law

About the Firm

"Excellence is not an exception, it is an attitude to work and live by . . ."

The Law Firm strives for excellence in the handling or every client's case, from the initial meeting through the conclusion of the case.  The pursuit of excellence as an attorney was the basis for Mr. Seelagy starting his own law firm as a solo practitioner in July 1993.  From the early days to the present time, Mr. Seelagy  has served the legal community as a highly respected civil trial attorney handling cases throughout the State of New Jersey and in the New York City region.

By choosing to serve the legal community as a solo practitioner, Mr. Seelagy is involved in all phases of each client's case, from the initial client meeting through completion of each matter. He has handled numerous complex litigation cases in federal and state courts and administrative agencies throughout his career.  Each case is given the attention to detail it deserves. Mr. Seelagy places a premium on client communication, which is essential to not only keep the client informed, but to ultimately achieve success. In addition to client communication, Mr. Seelagy always maintains a solid understanding of the applicable law and the facts of the each case, which provide the very foundation for proper preparation and success during discovery and, ultimately, during settlement discussions and, if necessary, at trial.

The law firm does not engage in a “high-volume” practice which is often the goal of many law firms in both the personal injury and employment fields - unfortunately this type of practice results in poor preparation of the case, a lack of attorney/client communication and too often negative results for the client. 

In order to achieve success, or excellence in the handling of more complex cases,  the law firm leverages technology in a manner that enables the efficient and rapid production of legal documents, the use of document management tools to ensure efficient organization of files, and the  technology to facilitate the preparation of cases for hearings, arbitrations and trials. In addition, the law firm utilizes the services of outside paralegals and administrative staff where it is deemed beneficial or necessary.